identify the best approach for teaching

Note: This is an individual assignment. Based on the feedback offered by the provider, identify the best approach for teaching. Prepare a presentation to accompany the teaching plan and present the information to your community. Select one of the following options for delivery of the presentation:

  1. PowerPoint presentation – no more than 30 minutes
  2. Pamphlet presentation – 1 to 2 pages
  3. Poster presentation

Appropriate community settings include:

  1. Public health clinic
  2. Community health center
  3. Long-term care facility
  4. Transitional care facility
  5. Home health center
  6. University/School health center
  7. Church community
  8. Adult/Child care center

Before presenting information to the community, seek approval from an agency administrator or representative.

Upon receiving approval from the agency, include the “Community Teaching Experience Form” as part of your assignment submission.

While APA style is not required for the body of this assignment, solid academic writing is expected, and documentation of sources should be presented using APA formatting guidelines, which can be found in the APA Style Guide, located in the Student Success Center.

You are required to submit this assignment to Turnitin. Please refer to the directions in the Student Success Center.

Public health clinic (is the one I picked)


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Correlation study.

Correlation study.

What is the relationship between nosocomial infections and mortality and healthcare cost?

Topic: “Current Healthcare Issue”


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comprehensive evaluation of an elderly client

Comprehensive Evaluation Guidelines

Your scholarly paper is a comprehensive evaluation of an elderly client. You can select a client in any setting. This will be your scholarly paper for this class. It should be submitted in APA format. Your references should not be greater than 5 years old. You must use scholarly references. Throughout your paper you should consider age-related changes (physiological). Please do not write this paper as a health history as in health assessment classes this should be written as a narrative format. It is worth 15% of your grade

Information to be included:
1. Give a brief history of the client, include the medical history, social history
2. Explain the individual’s acute or chronic medical issues. If the individual

has an acute medical problem, explain how it is exacerbated by the aging

process (physiologic age-related changes). If your client does not have any

medical concerns discuss how they are maintaining their health. Use rearch

to support your findings.
3.  Review the medications that the individual is taking, including any over the

counter drugs. Are any of these drugs a problem? Many medications are

problems in the older adult. Explain the issues.
4. Explain the functional status? (ADL and IADL) What is their mobility and

ability to perform everyday activity? If there are any issues or concerns,

5. Look at the mental health and cognitive ability. Is there any impairment? Is

there a concern and if so is it being addresses? Also consider their daily

activities including social.
6. Evaluate the living situation. Is it a problem or potential problem? (living

alone, with family or a facility) Is it a problem or a good fit? Are there safety

issues or concerns? Explain. If you r client is from the hospital you should

be considering their home situation. How will it be impacted due to the

7. What  are your recommendations to improve the quality of life for this



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specific EBP project.

Compare and contrast two change theories, and determine which theory makes the most sense for implementing your specific EBP project. Why? Has your mentor used either theory, and to what result?


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nursing Post a description of how the assessment tool or diagnostic test you selected is used in health care. Based on your research, evaluate the test or the tool’s validity and reliability, and explain any issues with sensitivity, reliability, and predictive values. Include references in appropriate APA formatting


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Please follow the instructor carefully. There are 2 Discussions ,your response to classmates should be at least one paragraph for each Discussion, address the discussion topic or question

Please follow the instructor carefully. There are 2 Discussions ,your response to classmates should be at least one paragraph for each Discussion, address the discussion topic or question, be respectful, and add to the discussion. You may draw upon personal experience, course or scholarly references, citing appropriately. Restating the primary response, or agreeing or disagreeing without supporting statements will result in a lower grade.

In reference to including a paragraph for both primary and peer responses, 4-5 sentences constitute a paragraph.

Discussion one,

The Clean Air Act is a federal law that was created over 40 years ago in the United States. It helps to control air pollution nationally and protect citizens from air pollution that may be hazardous to their health. Globally it is one of the most comprehensive laws focusing on air quality. Currently congress is working to block the EPA’s efforts from protecting the health of the public and delaying their work in blocking life-threatening air pollution. I was able to submit a letter to senators via the APHA website in opposition of congress hindering the EPA’s abilities to enforce the Clean Air Act.The stakeholders in this issue are literally anyone in the United States who is breathing. While some individuals, such as those in higher pollution areas, are going to be more affected than those in rural areas, everyone is affected by the issue. By creating this page for citizens to speak up, a platform is being opened as well for those who may want to take further action than submitting a letter. Coalitions could be form in opposition of the actions congress is taking that are risking the health and lives of millions of individuals.

Discussion Two,

I selected the American Public Health Association. The APHA is an organization that is dedicated to improve the health and wellbeing of the public. They publish a journal and a newspaper to share the newest information in the public health world. Oftentimes this news includes current campaigns and legislative actions to urge readers to write and ask policymakers to vote and act of certain policies. Current polices that the APHA is hoping members voice their opinions are the opposition of Trump’s administration proposal on the current public health crisis, the Protect the Clean Air Act, support of paid sick leave, and many more. When a member clicks on one of the policies to voice their opinion, they are able to read more information on the topic, read a standard message to congresspersons, and then compose their own message to congress.

One method that the APHA utilizes to communicate the best possible message to congress members is by allowing members to send a tailored message (with the option to personalize the message) that states specifically what the APHA is backing on the policies. For instance the message for the Protect the Clean Air Act has a clear message that states that the APHA wants congress members to reject any measures that would not allow the EPA to protect the public from air pollution, then after the unchangeable message members are able to either personalize or send a standard message that supports or gives more research/opinion behind why congress should not hinder the EPA protecting the public from air pollution.


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Biological basis. Describe the technology. Discuss what it accomplishes. Elaborate on the scientific principles that make this technology possible

Select one (1) of the following biotechnology topics to write about:

· Genetically modified crop plants

· Genetically modified microorganisms

· Genetically modified animals

· Personal genomics and / or personalized medicine for humans

· Gene therapy

Write a four to six (4 to 6) page paper on your chosen topic.  Organize your paper into sections corresponding to the following requirements:

1. Biological basis. Describe the technology. Discuss what it accomplishes. Elaborate on the scientific principles that make this technology possible. Your goal in this section of the paper is to show the instructor that you understand the underlying science behind the technology. Describe how exactly the technology works. Discuss the biological principles that underlie this technology.

2. Social and ethical implications. Without disclosing your personal view about this technology, provide an analysis of its social and ethical implications. State the ethical concerns apparent in the use of this technology. Discuss the benefits and risks. Your goal in this section is to look at all sides of the issue. In the next section, you will give your opinion.

3. Personal viewpoint. In the previous section, your goal was to be as objective as possible, to look at all sides of the issues. In this section, your goals are to give a personal opinion about the technology and provide a justification of that opinion.

4. Use at least three (3) quality resources in this assignment, in addition to the course text. Note: Wikipedia and similar Websites do not qualify as quality resources. The body of the paper must have in-text citations that correspond to the references. Integrate all sources into your paper using proper techniques of quoting, paraphrasing and summarizing, along with proper use of in-text citations to credit your sources.


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Collaboration and partnership among agencies is important when creating community health promotion and education programs.

Biology homework help

Collaboration and partnership among agencies is important when creating community health promotion and education programs.

For your health promotion program, you have decided to establish a community coalition to address continuing needs and issues relating to your specific health issue. Develop and name your coalition and identify who in the community, other than health educators, you will want to be part of this coalition. Remember that a coalition’s membership should not only reflect the demographic nature of the community, but the needs within the community. Choose 5 partnerships to engaged and explain why you would invite each of these people/organizations to be a part of the coalition.

Present your assignment as a 2-3 page Microsoft Word document. Please include APA-style formatted references in the body of the paper and as a reference list. Upload the document to appropriate Unit dropbox by the due date.

assignment 2

World AIDS Day

TO: Agency Health Education and Health Promotion Personnel

FROM: The Director

RE: World AIDS Day

As you are aware, World AIDS Day is quickly approaching. I would like your staff to send me a listing of ideas and methods our department could use to promote this international event. With each method please provide the funding needed to successfully complete the project.

Research potential funding opportunities by visiting – Partners in Information Access for the Public Health Workforce –

Thank you for your attention to this matter.


International Health Education

Select a country you do not live in to research its culture, history, and common health-related problems. You can use a variety of literature to develop your answer.

State the health issue and identify the institution responsible for health promotion as well as the forms of media or printed materials implemented to increase health awareness (locally and globally).

In your opinion, what are the major challenges public health organizations face when addressing global health concerns?


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