consequences of criminal; collateral consequences of

No Plagiarism!! Labeling theory suggests that we become what society continually says that we are. In the case of deviance and crime, that could mean that some people are destined to continue acting in ways that are against society, almost against their will, because of the labels they are given. This Discussion challenges you to think about the life-changing consequences of labeling and to propose ideas for how one might escape the label over time.

Escaping Labeling

After conducting research on a few government or organizational websites, develop a short scenario in which a person who is convicted of a specific crime encounters limited opportunities regarding employment and business opportunities, government benefits, and even social acceptance of that conviction. End your response by offering solutions to the barriers that the label has presented for the offender. Be sure to include the website or other references that you used to develop this scenario. Here are two search terms to help you with your research: consequences of criminal; collateral consequences of Minimum 350 words


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