explore the role of nursing from a global perspective.

Objective: The student will explore the role of nursing from a global perspective.

Assignment: This activity is meant to be informative and fun! Contact a nurse practicing in a country outside the United States. You may use any resources available to you: International Universities, International Nursing Organizations, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, etc. Be creative!


Ask the following:

1. What is his/her scope of practice? How does this compare to yours?2. What does he/she identify as primary health concerns for their patients and country?3. Does he/she belong to any professional organizations that promote health in a global environment?4. If possible, obtain salary, specialty, and any other interesting information!• Feel free to add more questions

Reach Out Activity (10%) Option 2

Objective: The student will be able to discuss issues that affect Nursing in a global environment

Assignment: Interview a first generation immigrant to determine cultural barriers to healthcare. (A foreign born citizen or resident who has immigrated to a new country of residence may be called a “firstgeneration” migrant)

This is a formal 2-3 page write-up and discussion that requires correct grammar, punctuation, and APA format.

1. Can you describe from your experience anything that was unexpected, unusual, or inappropriate in your medical care or treatment?2. What preceded and contributed to the event?3. What did you do or not do? How did you feel?4. What was the outcome or result?5. In what way did your ethnic or cultural background play a role? 6. How might the described event be avoided in the future?


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