What causes the immigrants to not seek citizenship or work visas?

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You have mentioned a huge political and community issue in the immigrant topic. The reason many immigrants or those without citizenship have a lower frequency to facilities and physicians would be for the fear? Health education? What causes the immigrants to not seek citizenship or work visas? The whole political issue has not changed many in that they are still not seeking status in the US. Do you see this as a problem as a health care professional and as a community member?

Comment 2

A vulnerable population is a group or groups that are more likely to develop health related problems, have more difficulty accessing healthcare to address those health problems, and are more likely to experience a poor outcome or shorter lifespan because of those healthconditions. There are a number of characteristics, traits, or circumstances that enhance the potential for poor health. Certain groups are more vulnerable to health risk. At risk groups or persons includes the poor, the homeless, disabled, the severely mentally ill, very young and the very old. For exampleolder adults are vulnerable to being victimized. Because of increased dependency and the potential for chronic health impairment, older adults may be placed in situations in which they are less able to advocate for their own needs. Older adults may be abused or neglected by caregivers or be victims of criminal practices (Medicine and Health Articles, 2018). Immigrants are also at greater risk for these related health issues as well, due lack of resources and barriers with communication.

Nurses can advocate on behalf of vulnerable groups by writing and calling government representatives and speaking to professional and community organizations about the problems and needs for high risk groups. The community health nurse may work with a coalition of providers and citizen groups to advocate for the needs of the older adult population or may participate in hearings of area agencies to advocate for greater community-based long-term care services (Medicine and Health Articles, 2018).


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