What psychological effects can occur as a result of aging? 

A minimum of 250 words each question and References (questions #1 & 2) KEEP QUESTION WITH ANSWER

1. Compared to other cultures, cardiovascular disease is the major killer in industrial nations. What are some of the risk factors for these diseases?

Next, visit the American Heart Association (www.heart.org) and take a risk assessment for cardiovascular disease. Are you at risk? What changes might you make to decrease any risks?

2. Compare two different theories of aging. Which one do you feel explains biological aging the best? Explain and give examples.

A minimum of 150 words each question and References (questions #1 – 5) ( #6 is 180 words) KEEP QUESTION WITH ANSWER

1. What is Osteoporosis and why is it more common in women than men? How can one lower his or her risk?

2. How important is sleep? As we learned or will learn after reading chapter 3, sleep is another facet of life affected by age. Please watch the very interesting TED talk at

https://www.ted.com/talks/russell_foster_why_do_we_sleep to learn more about why we sleep. After watching, please share your thoughts with the class.

3. What psychological effects can occur as a result of aging?

4. One popular stereotype is that older adults cannot and should not engage in sexual relations.

Do you believe this stereotype? Why or why not?

5. How do reproductive changes differ in men and women?

6. After watching Kelly McGonigal’s TED talk, you should have learned that stress is not the enemy. How you think about stress and how you deal with it, is what matters.

How do you cope with stress?

There are three main coping strategies:

· Emotion-focused – focusing on controlling one’s emotions first

· Problem-focused – focusing on the source of the problem

· Proactive – upfront efforts to ward off or modify the onset of a stressful event. An example of proactive coping is religious support/affiliation

What strategy do you use most often? Which strategy do you think psychologists believe is best?


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