Why do we sleep?

Assignment 2: Sensation and Perception, Dreams, and Paranormal/Parapsychological Phenomena

Choose one of the topics and respond in a minimum of 200 words answering the questions included in the topic of your choice. This assignment will contribute to your final paper. By the due date, please submit your paper to the Submissions Area on the next page.

  1. Sensation and Perception:

When gathering information from our senses, there are often pieces of information we are collecting that we are not even consciously aware we are gathering for interpretation. When researching this topic, some questions to consider in your response may include:

How do we sense and perceive the world around us? What contributes to our perception? In what ways do we organize information (perceptual organization) to process and interpret what we are experiencing? What is the likelihood of two people sensing/perceiving the same thing? How is it that our perception can be altered and our eyes can visually “trick” us into seeing things that are not there or not happening (name at least 3 things)? Review the following sites for some ideas on how our senses and perceptions can be altered:


  1. Dreams:

There is much research regarding dreams and varied states of consciousness.  When researching this topic, some questions to consider in your response may include:

Why do we sleep? What types of patterns can be found when monitoring sleep activity? When are we most likely to “dream” and what causes dreams? Are there different types of dreams? What are common disorders associated with dreams/sleep patterns? What is the Hypnogogic State? Can we remember dreams? Can we control our dreams? When faced with big decisions/problems, why do people say “sleep on it” (indicate if there is any validity in this statement)?

  1. Paranormal/Parapsychological Phenomena:

Research indicates that 50% of the population believes in paranormal/parapsychological phenomena and 50% does not. When researching this topic, some questions to consider in your response may include:

What variables/factors play a role in whether or not someone is a “believer” (comparing the differences) despite empirical evidence? Do you believe (why/why not) and if not, what would it take for you to believe they exist? What roles do people, places, culture, etc. play (if any)? Review the following websites for ideas on some of the information presented on parapsychological phenomena. Discuss what you read/learned and if it changed your mind (why/why not):


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