What is the difference in a mutual and a stock insurance company?

1. Define infant mortality. Suggest possible reasons why many countries have a lower infant mortality than the United States.

2. Currently the government pays for approximately 45% of health care in the US. List the major government funded health care programs. How does the percentage of government spending in the US compare with government spending in most countries in Europe?

3. Briefly comment on the increase since 1999 in health insurance premiums, workers’ earnings, and inflation. Exact numbers are not necessary.

4. The textbook states, “The United States is the only major industrialized country in which voluntary, employment-based health plans are the primary source of health insurance for its citizens.” Comment on how employee-based insurance affects our health care system.

5. Define the following three terms: cancer incidence rate, cancer 5-year survival rate, and cancer death rate and then discuss how the trends in each are related each other.

6. A graph showing population distribution by age is often called the “population pyramid”. Explain how studying this distribution for a country can be useful in determining current and particularly future health care needs. Draw the general shape of the population pyramid for the United States in 2014.

7. Outline what services are covered by Medicare Part A, Part B and Part D.

8. Comment on how Medicaid is administered and the source of funds.

9. Briefly describe the major concepts behind the Resource-Based Relative Values (RBRV) system that Medicare uses to determine physician reimbursement..

10. How is Medicare Part A and Part B funded?

11. Describe the DRG system for payment and describe how its implementation changed health care delivery in America.

12. What is the difference in a mutual and a stock insurance company?

13. List factors that influence the diffusion, adoption and utilization of new technology in the American health care system.

14. Describe workers’ compensation coverage and what benefits are provided.




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